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With our wealth of experience, knowledge, and relationships, Lodestar Logistics develops ideas and strategies that drive the delivery of quality third-party logistics services over a variety of industries. Our skilled personnel are active in the industry and capable of market analysis and consultation for both shippers and carriers. 

Founded in 1955, Howell Transportation Services (HTS) operated initially as a private bulk motor carrier fleet for Howell Refining Company. Supporting Howell Corporation’s growth, HTS served as the shared services logistics provider to its sister subsidiaries coordinating all motor carrier and rail operations and management for the Company. In 1984, Howell Corporation consolidated its crude oil gathering operations under HTS following the formation of Howell Crude Oil Company. In 1989, HTS commenced common carrier bulk motor carrier operations on a nationwide basis. In 1993, HTS purchased the private bulk motor carrier fleet operations of Lyondell Petrochemical Company.

During 1996, Howell Corporation began reorganizing the business to focus on oil & gas exploration and production. Howell Crude Oil Company and the crude gathering operations of HTS were spun out in the formation of a NYSE-listed Master Limited Partnership, Genesis Energy. The President of HTS formed Lodestar Logistics Corporation to purchase the remaining assets of HTS.

Our History

Lodestar’s antecedents were entities of Howell Corporation, a closely held, NYSE-listed, diversified energy company. Through its wholly-owned subsidiaries, Howell Corporation engaged in extensive work for the petrochemical industry, including research & reference for fuel manufacturing and chemical toll processing, oil & gas exploration and production, crude oil gathering, pipeline and terminaling operations, coal mining, and bulk motor carrier and logistics services.

Since its formation, Lodestar Logistics has provided support and creative logistical solutions to customers across the petrochemical and energy industry. Past and current customers include both small private entities and Fortune 500 companies spanning a breadth of petrochemical and energy industry segments.

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