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Lodestar Rail offers a wide range of services, including delivery, bill of lading generation, rail fleet management, and integrated transportation. We also help you with the tracking, cleaning, testing, cargo sampling, storage, and inspections of your rail fleet. 

Lodestar Rail also transports a variety of hazardous and non-hazardous products including food-grade and Kosher products, oils, lube oils, solvents, fatty alcohols, fatty acids, alkaline products, acids, glycols, esters, ethers, and acrylates.

  • LRS operates and manages a fleet of more than 200 railroad tank cars, with nominal capabilities ranging from 20,800 to 30,000 gallons (78,740 to 113,560 liters).
  • Railcar trip lease options provide short-term increased capacity and absorb idle fleet capacity, allowing lower costs and increased efficiency
  • Various sizes and configurations 
  • Lined for maximum cleaning efficiency, flexibility, and utilization
  • Compatible with wide range of commodities
  • Railcar Fleet Utilization Analysis and Optimization:
    • Railcar compatibility
    • Sizing requirements 
    • Fleet sizing analysis 
    • Facilitation of intra-industry fleet optimization through the Syntrax System.
  • Maintenance Management: 
    • Monitoring regulatory compliance developments 
    • Planning and scheduling maintenance 
    • Managing repairs and cleaning of railcars.
  • Performance Reporting and Review 
    • Full performance analysis 
    • KPI reporting and analysis 
    • Available on a daily, monthly, or ad hoc basis
  • Full Cycle Rail Shipment Monitoring 
    • Proactive shipment monitoring and management to ensure smooth movement of your railcars.
    • Empty monitoring
    • Proprietary CLM reporting
    • Railroad problem resolution
  • Rail / Motor Carrier Freight Rates 
    • Review existing contracts and tariffs to determine relative benchmarks and savings potential
    • Process customer freight rate requests 
    • Manage the carrier interface 
    • Negotiate mode-competitive rates and communicate results
  • Shipment Optimization
    • Review existing origin and destination lanes to determine carrier performance and the service impact upon the customers of the client
    • Recommend route or mode changes to improve railcar fleet utilization and the loaded and/or empty shipment transit time performance
  • Railcar Fleet Commercial Management
    • Maintain railcar lease expiration profile
    • Develop and deploy the analytical methodologies to guide lease and contract evaluations
    • Develop and deploy a private railcar accounting protocol, including processing claims for under-allowed revenue and reporting state ad valorem taxes
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